Lucan, level 13 Elf, Fighter, Swordmaster Build: Tempest Fighter Fighter Talents: Tempest Technique

FINAL ABILITY SCORES: Str 21, Con 11, Dex 19, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 9.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES: Str 18, Con 10, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 8. AC: 26 Fort: 26 Reflex: 24 Will: 21 HP: 108 Surges: 11 Surge Value: 27

TRAINED SKILLS: Streetwise +10, Intimidate +10, Athletics +15

UNTRAINED SKILLS: Acrobatics +9, Arcana +6, Bluff +5, Diplomacy +5, Dungeoneering +8, Endurance +5, Heal +8, History +6, Insight +8, Nature +10, Perception +10, Religion +6, Stealth +9, Thievery +9

FEATS: Level 1: Two-Weapon Fighting Level 2: Toughness Level 4: Elven Precision Level 6: Opportunistic Accuracy Level 8: Improved Initiative Level 10: Two-Weapon Threat Level 11: Durable Level 12: Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade)

POWERS: Fighter at-will 1: Dual Strike Fighter at-will 1: Footwork Lure Fighter encounter 1: Passing Attack Fighter daily 1: Tempest Dance Fighter utility 2: Unstoppable Fighter encounter 3: Crushing Blow Fighter daily 5: Dizzying Blow Fighter utility 6: Settling the Score Fighter encounter 7: Twofold Torment Fighter daily 9: Thicket of Blades Fighter utility 10: Strength From Pain Fighter encounter 13: Dance of Blades (replaces Passing Attack)

ITEMS: Briartwine Chainmail +3, Amulet of Physical Resolve +3, Chainmail, Adventurer’s Kit, Deathstalker Short sword +3, Graceful Short sword +3


A royal prince, Lucan loved his home in the Elhedar forest. His people had been its proud inhabitants, since the first Eladrin had come to this world. An ancient race, they had lived in harmony with the other inhabitants of this world. Raised to admire and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds their home, Lucan had grown up as an artist. For years he had toiled amongst valleys and ranges near his home, drawing inspiration from their beauty. At the age of 70, Lucan had to set aside his past desires and pick up a sword.

The human, who at first were just irritating, had now become a true threat. The treaty that had been established between the Eladrin and the Empire had been destroyed. The new emperor continued to expand his empire. Wars that had not seen in the valley of the Eladrin in centuries, had arrived. More powerful then any of the humans they faced, the Eladrin were awed at the size of the army that had arrived at their doorsteps. A proud race, they refused to yield.

Led by Prince Lucan and other members of the royal house, the soldiers of the Eladrin took the field. Centuries of skill and magic lay at their fingertips, and they unleashed it all on the many ranks of enemy soldiers. For each Eladrin soldier that fell, he took dozens of enemies with him. Still it was not enough. The Hashal were like a never ending wave. No matter how many men were killed, more stepped in over their fallen commrades. Their numbers having dwindled to the smallest in recorded time, the Eladrin finally surrendered. As before, Saif was untrue to his word. Under the white flag of truce, he sent soldiers to kill all of the royal line, until only Lucan and his wife were left. The emperor summoned the royal couple to his battle tent. Upon their arrival, they saw their twin boys bound at the emperors feet. Inarra rushed to her sons, only to be stopped by a sea of steel. Saif told the couple that their children would now stay with him, to ensure the loyalty of the Royal house. Inarra and Lucan would accompany him to his palace, and shall now be his property. A mighty race, keepers of knowledge, the first of the fey creatures to arrive in the land, the now King and Queen of the Eladrin nation….became slaves.


Satida Correndell